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REABILITA CAL SCREED mortar is a levelling screed in which the binder is exclusively Natural Hydraulic Lime. It is formulated from Natural Hydraulic Lime, siliceous and calcareous aggregates and additions.

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1. 1 TECHNICAL DATA SHEET REABILITA CAL SCREED NATURAL HYDRAULIC LIME BASED SC REED 1. DESCRIPTION REABILITA CAL SCREED mortar is a l evelling screed in which the binder is exclusiv ely Natural Hydraulic Lime . It is formulated from Natural Hydraulic Lime , siliceous and calcareous aggregates and additions . 2. FIELD OF USE REABILITA CAL SCREED is s pecially designed for the execu tion of filling and l evelling layers of indoor floors , being a layer able to r ece ive all kinds of current fina l coatings : wood floors , ceramic s, ornamenta l stones , cor k and vin yl , among others . REABILITA CAL SCREED morta r is suitable for the execu tion of floor systems with high permeability in new works or in renova tion s. REABILITA CAL SCREED also integra tes a sy stem of floors re h abilita tion where it is intended to increase thermal and acoustic characteristics and prevent the rise of water by capillarity . 3. PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS Powdered product Val ue Standard Co lou r Be i ge - Granulometry < 3,5 mm - Paste product Val ue Standard Mixing water 13 %± 1,0 % - Density 2100 ± 50 kg/m3 EN 1015 - 2 Theoretica l consumption 18,0 kg/m2/cm - Hardened Product Val ue Standard Flexural strength (28 d ays ) > 0.8 N/mm2 EN 1015 - 11 Compressive strength (28 d ays ) ≥ 2 N/mm2 EN 1015 - 11

3. 3 TECHNICAL DATA SHEET REABILITA CAL SCREED NATURAL HYDRAULIC LIME BASED SC REED 6. HEALTH AND SAFETY (DOES NOT REPLACE CONSULTATION OF THE PRODUCT SAFETY DATA SHEE T )  Irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin;  May cause sensitization in contact with skin;  Do not breathe dust;  Avoid contact with skin and eyes;  If it comes in contact with eyes, rinse immediately and thoroughly with water and seek a specialist ad vice;  Use protective clothing and appropriate gloves;  Keep out of children’s reach . Being the conditions of applying our products out of our reach we do not take responsibility for its misuse. It is the custom er’s duty to verify the suitability of the pr oduct for the intended purpose. In any case, our responsibility is limited to the value of the goods supplied by us. The information contained in the present data sheet may be altered without prior notice. In case of doubt and if you need any further advice please contact our Technical Services . Revis ion of Jan uary 2019 FT. 0 30 0 8 .01 EN

2. 2 TECHNICAL DATA SHEET REABILITA CAL SCREED NATURAL HYDRAULIC LIME BASED SC REED 4. A P PLICA TION a) Mixture p repara tion REABILITA CAL SCREED should be mix ed in an equip ment spec ific for the ap plica tion of screed or in concrete mixers , mixing about 3,0 to 3,5 litre s of water pe r 25 kg bag . It is essential to dose the mixing water accurately to ensure uniform consistency as well as workability optimized to the flow of the application procedures. Never add water after mixing, to soften the mixture . b) A p plica tion A p plica tion of REABILITA CAL SCREED is carried out ac cord ing to good ap plica tion practices of tradi t iona l screeds , not needing any additional proced ure or care besides those required by good application practices . The mortar should be spread forming a levelled layer, on a clean substrate , free of dust o r any other produ ct that may minimiz e the normal adhesion condi tions o ver the subst rate s. Its final surface is then le velled to obt ain a flat surface, prepar ed to rece ive the final coating . REABILITA CAL SCREED may be ap pli ed in 4 to 8 cm thicknesses . c) Restri ction s REABILITA CAL SCREED should not be applied at room and substrate temperatures below 5 °C and /or above 30 ºC. I t has a curing period of 28 days . a) Complementary Advices The mixing water should be free of any impurities (clays, organic matter) and drinking water should be preferably used ; No mortar that has exceeded its open time should be applied. Do not soften mortars by adding water after preparation ; Do not add any other products to the mortar . REABILITA CAL SPREED should be applied as it is shown in its original packaging . 5. PACKAGING AND VALIDITY Packaging 25 kg paper bags in plasticized pallets of 60 ba gs . Valid ity 12 months provided the conditions of the original packaging remain unaltered and in good storage conditions, protected from extreme temperature and humidity .


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