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ADHERE CAL is a pre-dosed mortar, exclusively formulated on Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL), siliceous aggregates and additions, specially developed for the laying and grouting of traditional tiles in restoration works. ADHERE CAL is available in beige colour, resulting from the natural colour of our Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL).

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2. If there is a removal of tiles, a dry cleaning by brushing or by moderate pressure air jet should be carried out , remov ing impur ities or any subst ances that may reduce ad h e sion of the new mortar . Render a reas that do not show suitable cohesion , ad h e sion and resist ance conditions should be totally remov ed and then levelled with REABILITA CAL CS and REABILITA CAL RB . In very dry and hot weather or on very absorbent substrates , the latter should be watered prior to application so as to control the absor ption and the wetting , without leaving liquid water on their su rface . F ina l surfaces should be obt ained by trowelling and not using any water in this proced ure , or else the sur face may be weakened . b) Mixture p repara tion ADHERE CAL should be mixed with 6,5 to 7,0 litre s of clean water ( preferably potable) per 25 - kg bag with low - speed electric mixer until a smooth, lump - free paste is obtained. Leave the mix tur e to rest for 5 minute s and mi x again without adding water or additional product. c) A p plica tion – Laying Tiles Tiles should be previously moistened in water so as to avoid mortar disse c tion . A p pl y the mortar obt ained by using a stainless - steel trowel on the wall and on the back of the tile , double adhesion , to ensure that the entire surface is filled , without v oid s. The tile should be brought into posi tion by using a rubber hammer . Layi ng should be carried out in small a reas, suitable for atmospheric temperature and humidity conditions. It is recommended to periodically check the effectiveness of the laying technique by removing an already bonded p i e ce , in order to check if the back of the piece and the s ubstrate are corre c t ly filled with mortar . Do not lay any pieces when the open time is over , which may be confirm ed if a different tone film shows on the mortar surface . d) Ap p lica tion – J oint grouting ADHERE CAL mortar is a p pli ed with a rubber trowel , laying the material di agonal ly towards the p i e ce s and using the mortar itself for that purpose . Press the t rowel in order to completely fill the joint s and remove the surplus . The latter should be cleaned with a cleaning trowel o r a slightly damp sponge, always using clean water . Once the product is completely dry , make a general cleaning with a damp sponge and then remove the excess powder with a dry cloth . TECHNICAL DATA SHEET ADHERE CAL NHL FIXING MORTAR FOR LAYING HIGH ABSORPTION TILES

4. 6. HEALTH AND SAFETY ( DOES NOT REPLACE CONSULTATION OF THE PRODUCT SAFETY DATA SHEET ) → Causes skin irrita tion ; → Causes serious eye damage ; → May cause irrita tion to the respirat ory system ; → I f it is necessary to see a doctor, show him the package or the label ; → Keep out of children’s reach ; → Rinse thoroughly after handling ; → Use protective gloves / protective clothing / eye protection / face protection ; → Dispose of the contents and / or the conta iner by means of the selective collection system used in your municipality . Being the conditions of applying our products out of our reach we do not take responsibility for its misuse. It is the custom er’s duty to verify the suitability of the product f or the intended purpose. In any case, our responsibility is limited to the value of the goods supplied by us. The information contained in the present data sheet may be altered without prior notice. In case of doubt and if you need any fur ther advice pleas e contact our Technical Services . Revis ion of Jan uary 2019 FT.01012.01 EN TECHNICAL DATA SHEET ADHERE CAL NHL FIXING MORTAR FOR LAYING HIGH ABSORPTION TILES

1. 1. DESCRIPTION ADHERE CAL is a pre - dosed mort ar, exclusively formulated on Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) , siliceous aggregates and additions, sp ecially developed for the laying and grouting of traditional tiles in restoration works . ADHERE CAL is available in be i ge colour , result ing from the natural colour of our Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) . 2. FIELD OF USE ADHERE CAL is specially developed for the laying of traditional tiles, respecting the particular characteristics of this craft and also guaranteeing maximum compatibility with the original materials in restoration works . ADHERE CAL is preferably applied on to lime - based mortars, for example, s ubstrates as REABILITA CAL RB , REABILITA RA 01 , REABILITA CAL SCREED and ECOCORK LIME . ADHERE CAL is suitable for laying and grounting of traditional high - absorption tiles (Porosi ty : E > 10%) on interior and exterior walls . ADHERE CAL is suitable for total repairs to tile coat ing or for spot repairs to areas with detachment areas from the substrate . For non - current uses or on particular substrates , we advise you to contact our Technical Service s . 3. PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS Powdered product Val ue Standard Co lou r B e i ge - Gr anulometry < 1,0 mm - Paste product Val ue Standard Mixing water 2 8 ,0 % ± 1,0 % - 4. APPLICATION a) Substrate preparation Before a pplying the product it is crucial that the s ubstrate is examined with special at t en tion to adh e sion , co h es ion, stabili t y and performance . It should be free of dirt , dust , paint , loose or unstable materials, degraded mortars, efflorescence, organic matter, or any other material that causes a decrease in adhesion conditions. In restoration works, the adhesion of the existing tiles must be verified with percussion test and removal of those that are unstable . TECHNICAL DATA SHEET ADHERE CAL NHL FIXING MORTAR FOR LAYING HIGH ABSORPTION TILES

3. e) Consum pti o n Theoretical consumption Laying Me t h od Double bonding No. 6 notched trowel 5,0 to 6,0 kg/m 2 f) Restri ction s ADHERE CAL should never be applied in isolated portions , but rather co vering the entire substrate and the back of the tile to be bonded . Do not ap pl y ADHERE CAL over paint or varnish . ADHERE CAL should not be applied at a relative humidity of more than 70% or when room and /o r substrate temperature is below 5° C o r above 30° C. N o bonding or grouting should be c a rried out outdoors in adverse weather condi tions , such as rain , strong winds , o r intens e sunlight , dur ing or wi thin 24 ho urs of ap plica tion . In cases of wind exposure, facades should be protected in order to minimize its action . g) Complementary Advices → The mixing water must be free of any impurities (clays, organic matter ), and it should be pot able ; → No mortar th at has started its open time should be applied. Do not soften mortars by adding water after preparation ; → Do not add any other products to the mortar. ADHERE CAL should be applied as it is shown in its original packaging . 5. PACKAGING AND VALIDITY Packaging 25 kg paper bags in plasticized pallets of 60 bags . Validity 12 months provided the conditions of the original packaging remain unaltered and in good stor age conditions, protected from extreme temperature and humidity . TECHNICAL DATA SHEET ADHERE CAL NHL FIXING MORTAR FOR LAYING HIGH ABSORPTION TILES


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