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Data Sheet Micro Art MC 01

SECILTEK / SecilTek MICRO ART - beton ciré

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2. 2 TECHNICAL DATA SHEET MICRO ART MC 01 L EVELLING AND RUSTIC FINISH MORTAR IN THE MICRO ART SYSTEM 4. A P PLICA TION a) Substrate preparation General c ondi tion s Substrate s should be dry , hardened, cohesive and free of dust or other residues (oils, water repellents, varnishes, greases, etc.) that affect adhesion condi tions . Substrate s should be flat and levelled , this c haracteri stic being essen t ial for good performance of decorativ e coating . The MICRO ART system is a p pli ed in a total 3 to 5 mm thickness and so this produ ct shall not solve any substrate planimetry prob lem . MICRO ART MC 01 should not be ap pli ed to surfaces with humidity , if any , prior to the app lica tion of the sy stem, its origin should be removed or treated . In any case , it is recommended to use a moisture meter in order to verify that the moisture prese nt in the substrate does not exceed 10%. Prior to the ap plica tion of MICRO ART MC 01 , adequately protect the surrounding area surfaces so as to avoid staining, given the difficulty in removing the material on various surfaces . Renova tion In renovation oper a tions , do not apply to non - adherent mortars / concrete or to loose cera mics. In such cases, all unstable or non - adherent surfaces should be removed and stabilized and adjusted with REDUR MAX FORCE in case of walls o r with PLAN LEVEL 315 on floors . In the c ase of application on highly absorbent mortars and concretes , it is recommended to use the MICRO ART AD 21 primer . On fissured substrate s, repairs must be carried out . If surfaces are treated with varnishes, paints or other types of resins, they must be rem oved by sanding or by mechanical means. In these cases, the use of the absorption regulator , MICRO ART AD 21 is recommended . In new su rfaces of marine plywood, it is recommended to pre - apply MICRO ART AD 21 . In cas e of o ld MDF o r plasterboard surfaces , the need for application of the primer should be assessed if it is found with residues of other materials . If kitchen counters, shower trays, bathtubs or bathroom furniture, are intended to be coated, they should have adequate waterproofing. MICRO ART MC 01 i s water resistant; however, this product should not be regarded as a waterproof coating. MICRO ART MC 01 should not be applied on wood or parquet flooring; in these cases they should be removed before applying the system. After applying the MICRO ART AD 21 adhesion primer, wait until it is dry to the touch for at least 3 hours before applying MICRO ART MC 01 .

5. 5 TECHNICAL DATA SHEET MICRO ART MC 01 L EVELLING AND RUSTIC FINISH MORTAR IN THE MICRO ART SYSTEM 5. PACKAGING AND VALIDITY Packaging 3 and 12 kg buckets , with the c orresponding component A and component B. Valid ity 12 months provided the conditions of the original packaging remain unaltered and in good storage conditions, protected from extreme temperature and humidity . 6. HEALTH AND SAFETY ( DOES NOT REPLACE CONSU LTATION OF THE PRODUCT SAFETY DATA SHEET )  Irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin;  May cause sensitization in contact with skin;  Do not breathe dust;  Avoid contact with skin and eyes;  If it comes in contact with eyes, rinse immediately and thorough ly with water and seek a specialist advice;  Use protective clothing and appropriate gloves;  Keep out of children’s reach . Being the conditions of applying our products o ut of our reach we do not take responsibility for its misuse. It is the customer’s duty to verify the suitability of the product for the intended purpose. In any case, our responsibility is limited to the value of the goods sup plied by us. The information contained in the present data sheet may be altered without prior notice. In case of doubt and if you need any further advice please contact our Technical Services . Revis ion of Jan uary 2019 FT. 0 5 0 0 1 .01 EN

1. 1 TECHNICAL DATA SHEET MICRO ART MC 01 L EVELLING AND RUSTIC FINISH MORTAR IN THE MICRO ART SYSTEM 1. DESCRI PTION MICRO ART MC 01 is a cement - based hydraulic mortar modified with organic and aerial binders . It also has special additives that guarantee resistance to water and cracking. It is a two - component product , MICRO ART MC 01 component A and MICRO ART MC 01 component B . MICRO ART MC 01 is available in v ariou s co lours ( see catalogue ). 2. FIELD OF USE MICRO ART MC 01 is an integral part of the MICRO ART decorative system , correspond ing to the substrate levelling stage . It may also be used as finishing mortar , when a rustic finish is to be obtained . MICRO ART MC 01 may be used on indoors and outdoors floors and walls . It allows a p plica tion on various types of substrate s, such as : cement substrate s, old ceramic tiles, plasterboard, preferably waterproof MDF , maritime plywood, marble, wood and shower trays . 3. PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS VAL UE Co lour s Available by cata log ue Final a spe ct Matt Theoretical c onsum ption (1) 1,5 a 1,8 kg/m 2 / coat Density 1,45 ± 0,001 kg/m 3 Drying time be tween layers 4 h (2) Mixture pot - life (Component A+ Component B) 10 ̊C – 5 h 20 ̊C – 4 h 30 ̊C – 3 h Volatile Organic Compounds Directive 2004/42/CE DL No. 181/2006 EU limit value for this product (cat A/j):140 g/l 2010; C omponent A cont ains at most < 1 g/ l and component B contains at most 30 g/ (1) The values are theoretical and do not include additional consumptions as a consequence of porosity of the substrate , surface profile, variation in levelling, etc. (2) These values require constant conditions of air humidity (max. 70%) and temperature (23ºC).

3. 3 TECHNICAL DATA SHEET MICRO ART MC 01 L EVELLING AND RUSTIC FINISH MORTAR IN THE MICRO ART SYSTEM b) Mortar p repara tion Stir component B well . Pour all the contents into the bucket. Gradually add all of component A while mixing the components with a low - speed electric stirrer ( ≈ 300 rpm). Pause the mixture for about two minutes and re - mix until a smooth, lump - free mixture is obtained. Mixing of component s A and B should be carried out in its entirety , and packaging should not be divided by several kneadings . c) A p plica tion In new construction walls, MICRO ART MC 01 may be a pplied by using a trowel , in layers with thickness never less than 1 mm. On floors or on ceramic tiles , MICRO ART MC 01 should always be applied with a 3mm notched trowel so as to form a uniform distance from the substrat e for the anti - alkaline MICRO ART REDE 90 mesh to be inserted between the first and second layers of MICRO ART MC 01 . The application scheme depends on the type / state of substrate and the type of finish desired. Therefore, the following schemes are r ecommended : GENERIC APPLICATION SCHEME T e x t u r e Substrate s No. of mi nim um layers (3) M e s h T h i c k . ( m m ) MC 01 MC 02 R u s t i c Wall (1) 3 - - 3 (4) Cera mic c. (2) 4 - Yes 5 (4) Floor - Yes S m o o t h Wall 1 2 - 3 (4) Ceramic c. (1) 2 2 Yes 5 (4) Floor 2 2 Y es (1) Plaster , waterproof plasterboard, water - repellent MDF and re nder . (2) Cera mic coating, Wall or floor (3) The number of layers is indicative , and in specific cases it may be necessary to apply a larger number of layers to obtain the desired finish (4 ) Total thickness of the MICRO ART system To obtain a quality finish, application should be cared for from its base, each layer being worked as if it were the final one , elimina ting burrs and sanding between layers to elimina te any irregulari ties . E xce pt for the layer where the mesh was inserted , after each a p plica tion, sanding should be carried out to eliminate small imperfections . At this stage, a 100 - iron sandpaper may be used , a bout 4 ho urs after the layer ap plica tion ( air humidity conditions <70% and temperatur e 20 ° C) . To obt ain a smooth finish , ap ply MICRO ART MC 02 , which may take place after a drying peri od of at least 4 ho urs of MICRO ART MC 01 .

4. 4 TECHNICAL DATA SHEET MICRO ART MC 01 L EVELLING AND RUSTIC FINISH MORTAR IN THE MICRO ART SYSTEM In case of rustic finish , in the last layer, a spatula should be used in all dire ction s, in wavy lines s o as not to show the ap plica tion joints . If any anomalies arise in the application of the last layer, patch es are not recommended. In such a situation, you should re - sand the entire surface, clean and reapply a new layer of MICRO ART MC 01 . d) Surface p rote c tor s For ru stic finishes, MICRO ART MC 01 should be exclusively applied . In this case, the application of a surface protector is mandatory. For its application, the system should be dry, with a cure time of 24 hours to 7 days . MICRO ART MC 01 is suitable f or rece iving surface prote ctors of the type : MICRO ART AD 45 glossy acrylic varnish ; MICRO ART AD 46 satin acrylic varnish ; MICRO ART AD 47 concentrated wax o r MICRO ART AD 50 polyurethane varnish . Prior to ap plica tion of MICRO ART AD 45 o r MICRO ART AD 46 finishes, MICRO ART AD 91 sealant should always be applied . e) Restri ction s MICRO ART MC 01 should not be applied at room and substrate temperatures below 10 °C and above 30 °C and air relative humidity of more than 70% . In hot and/or dry weather or when substrate s are directly exposed to sun rays , use shading mechanisms , substrate should be previously wetted and application should only be started when it is dry . If temperatur e is below 10 °C and relative humidity > 70 %, the cur ing of MICRO ART MC 01 is slower, increasing drying times . Application in the presence of strong winds may cause cracking of the system. In such case, walls should be protected so as to minimize the effects of wind action . In indoor a p plica tion s, areas should be ventila ted . Because it i s a high - performance architectural finish, application of this coating should be done only by specialized teams. Because it is a coating without joints , the work should be coord inated to avoid in terrup tion s. It shall be necess ary to determin e where to star t the work ( at the point opposite the exit ), and also to calcula te the number of a p plica tors required for each work front. Ensure that during application the coating is not dirty or stained, always wearing clean footwear as well as avoiding water, sweat or any other type of liquid that may stain the surface . f) Complementary Advices  No mortar that has exceeded its open time should be applied. Do not soften mortars by adding water or any other component after preparation ;  C omponent A and component B of MICRO ART MC 01 may not under any circum st ances be used separa tely ;  Do not add any other products to the mortar . MICRO ART MC 01 should be applied as it is shown in its original packaging .


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