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Data Sheet Micro Art AD 92

SECILTEK / SecilTek MICRO ART - beton ciré

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2. TECHNICAL DATA SHEET MICRO ART AD 92 POLYURETHANE SURFACE SE A LANT 2 4. A P PLICA TION a) S ubstrate p repara tion S ubstrates should be dry , free from dust, release agents, loose or instable materials, efflorescence, as well as from any type of material which affects normal adhesion conditions . b) A p plica tion Prior to ap plica tion , the produ ct should be stirred until it is completely homogenised . A p pl y to the s ubstrate by using a short hair rol ler o r microfiber roller o r a convent ional wax applicator . Pour the produ ct on the su rface with modera tion and spread it in a circular motion , overlapping the areas covered while they are wet . Allow to dry complet ely for at least 3 h and then apply the chosen surface prote ctor . After drying, sand the surface to remove any irregularities. In this case it is recommended to use a worn iron sandpaper so as to obta in a smoother texture . c) Restri ctions The c onsumption of MICRO ART AD 92 should be respe cted as per previous indica tion , in order to ensure good performance . MICRO ART AD 92 should not be ap pli ed at room and s ubstrate temperature s below 10 °C, above 30 °C and a ir relative humid ity of more than 70%. If the temperatur e is below 10 °C and the relative humid ity is > 70 %, cur ing is slower, increasing drying times. MICRO ART AD 92 should be prote cted from humid ity , condensa tion and water for at least 7 d ays (a t 20 ̊C) In indoor applications, rooms should be ventilated . In dry weather or with strong exposure to the winds, facades should be protected in order to minimize the direct action of the wind . Product should not be applied with rain o r very high humidi ty or if rainfall is expected within 24 hours of application. These condi tion s may impair the normal performance of MICRO ART AD 92 . d) Complementary Advices Do not add any other products to MICRO ART AD 92 . It should be app li ed as it is shown in its original packaging .

3. TECHNICAL DATA SHEET MICRO ART AD 92 POLYURETHANE SURFACE SE A LANT 3 5. PACKAGING AND VALIDITY Packaging B ucket s of 1 and 5 litr e s. Valid ity 12 months provided the conditions of the original packaging remain unaltered and in good storage conditions, protected from extreme temperature and humidity . 6. HEALTH AND SAFETY ( DOES NOT REPLACE CONSULTATION OF THE PRODUCT SAFETY DATA SHEET ) • May cause sensitization in contact with skin ; • Avoid contact with skin and eyes ; • Us e prote ctive clothing and appropriate gloves ; • If it comes in contact with eye s, rinse immediately and thoroughly with water and seek a specialist advice ; • Keep out of children’s reach ; • EU limit value for this product (Cat A/g): 30 g/l (2010). This product contains at most 15 g/l COV, as per dire ctive 2004 /42/EC. Being the conditions of applying our products out of our reach we do not take responsibility for its misuse. It is the custom er’s duty to verify the suitability of the product for the intended purpose. In any case, our responsibility is li mited to the value of the goods supplied by us. The information contained in the present data sheet may be altered without prior notice. In case of doubt and if you need any fur ther advice please contact our Technical Services . Revis ion of Jan uary 2019 FT.05009.01 EN

1. TECHNICAL DATA SHEET MICRO ART AD 92 POLYURETHANE SURFACE SE A LANT 1 1. DESCRIPTION MICRO ART AD 92 is a surface sealant and waterproofing agent , based on an aqueous dispersion of monocomponent modified polyurethane . It is mainly c h aracter ised by its excellent penetration ability , by filling pore s exist ing in the coating , good chemical resistance and by highlighting the coating colour as well . 2. FIELD OF USE MICRO ART AD 92 is used on vertica l o r horizonta l surfaces indoors and outdoors and it is suitable for filling rigid surface pores on finishes, promo t ing ad h e sion , finish lacquering and providing increased yield of polyurethane surface protectors such as MICRO ART AD 50 varnish. MICRO ART AD 92 is used as surface se alant in the MICRO ART system , prepar ing the MICRO ART MC 01 or MICRO ART MC 02 to receive surface prote ctors such as MICRO ART AD 50 . It may be used for the same purpose for decorativ e flooring of the SCALA range , as well as , in architectural element s carried out with BETÃO - S ESTRUTURAL BRANCO and BETÃO - S ESTRUTURAL CINZA . MICRO ART A D 92 is a p plic able over cementitious s u bstrates o r stone element s both indoors and outdoors . 3. PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS GENERAL C HARACTERISTIC S VAL UE A ppearance Colourless l iquid, glossy finish Densi ty 1,03 ± 0,002 kg/m 3 Average theoretical consumption (1) 12 m 2 /l/ coat Drying time 3 h (2) Volatile Organic Compounds Dire ctive 2004/42/CE DL No. 181/2006 EU limit value for this product (cat A/g):30 g/l 2010; The product contains at most 15 g/l (1) These are t h e oretical values that do not include additional consum ption s as a consequ e nc e of sup p ort porosity , surface p rofile , varia tion in levelling , etc. (2) These val ues requi re constant air humidity (ma x. 70%) and temperatur e (23ºC) con ditions .


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