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Data Sheet Micro Art AD 21

SECILTEK / SecilTek MICRO ART - beton ciré

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2. 2 TECHNICAL DATA SHEET MICRO ART AD 21 SURFACE REGULATOR AND ADHESION PRIMER 4. A P PLICA TION a) Substrate preparation Substrate s should be dry, free of dust, release agents, loose or unstable materials, ef florescence, as well as any type of material that affects normal adhesion conditions . In a p plica tion s over old substrate s or in old render re h abilita tion operations , we suggest prior consultation of our Technical Services. b) A p plica tion Prior to application, the product should be stirred until it is completely homogenised . The MICRO ART AD 21 adhesion bridge should be applied with an anti - drop roll leaving to dry in a minimum time of 3 hours before application of the mortar . c) Restri ctions The yield of MICRO ART AD 21 should be respected as previously stated, so as to guarantee good performance . MICRO ART AD 21 should not be applied at room and substrate temperatures below 5 °C, above 30 °C and air relative humidity of more than 70%. In dry weather or in strong winds, exterior surfaces should be protected to minimize the direct action of wind. Application of the product should not take place in case of rain or high humidity or if rain is expected within 24 hours of application. These conditions may compromise t he normal behaviour of MICRO ART AD 21 . d) Complementary Advices Do not add any other products to MICRO ART AD 21 . It should be applied as it is shown in its original packaging . 5. PACKAGING AND VALIDITY Packaging B uckets of 1 and 5 litre s . Valid ity 12 m onths provided the conditions of the original packaging remain unaltered and in good storage conditions, protected from extreme temperature and humidity .

3. 3 TECHNICAL DATA SHEET MICRO ART AD 21 SURFACE REGULATOR AND ADHESION PRIMER 6. HEALTH AND SAFETY (DOES NOT REPLACE CONSULTATION OF THE PRODUCT SAFETY DATA SHEET )  May cause sensi tization in contact with skin;  Avoid contact with skin and eyes;  Use protective clothing and appropriate gloves;  If it comes in contact with eyes, rinse immediately and thoroughly with water and seek a specialist advice;  Keep out of children’s reach;  UE l imit value for this product (Cat A/g ): 3 0 g/l (2010). This product contains at most 1 0 g/l COV, as per directive 2004 /42/EC. Being the conditions of applying our products out of our reach we do not take responsibility for its misuse. It is the custom er’s duty to verify the suitability of the product for the intended purpose. In any case, our responsibility is limited to the value of the goods sup plied by us. The information contained in the present data sheet may be altered without prior notice. In case o f doubt and if you need any further advice please contact our Technical Services . Revis ion of Jan uary 2019 FT. 0 5 0 0 3.01 EN

1. 1 TECHNICAL DATA SHEET MICRO ART AD 21 SURFACE REGULATOR AND ADHESION PRIMER 1. DESCRIPTION MICRO ART AD 21 is a prim er base d on an acrylic copolymer . Its main c haracteristic s are the excellent adhesion on mineral substrates, good resistance to alkalinity and excellent agglutination capacity on friable or fairly degraded substrates . 2. FIELD OF USE MICRO ART AD 21 is used on vertical or horizontal surfaces indoors and outdoors and it is intended to regula te substrate absor ption , to promo te ad h e sion over difficult substrate s, as well as to promote mortar workability over the substrate . MICR O ART AD 21 is used as an adhesion p rimer on difficult substrates in the MICRO ART system , such as : old cement substrate s, marine plywood, wood and substrate s where other coatings have been remov ed such as paint, va rni shes , wood o r on powdery substrate s or with waste . 3. PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS VAL UE Aspe ct Colourless Liquid Finish Satin Densi ty 1 , 0 0 ± 0,002 kg/m 3 Average theoretical consumption (1) 1 5 m 2 / kg / coat Drying time between coats 3 h (2) Volatile Organic Compounds Directi ve 2004/42/CE DL No. 181/2006 EU limit value for this product (cat A/g):30 g/l 2010; The product contains at most 10 g/l (1) The values are theoretical and do not include additional consumptions as a consequence of porosity of the substrate , surface profil e, variation in levelling, etc. (2) These values require constant conditions of air humidity (max. 70%) and temperature (23ºC).


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