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Blue Painter's Masking Tape

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2. Why It Works! • UV Resistant, up to 14 days in direct sunlight • Can be left on surface for up to 30 days • No Paint Bleeding • Sharp Paint Lines • Clean and easy removal, will not leave a residue • Eco Friendly Pg: 2

3. Which surfaces does blue dolphin masking tape work on ? • Can be used on a wide variety of surfaces • Previously painted walls & ceilings • Baseboards, doors & window frames • Lacquered/varnished woodwork, metal knobs & hinges • Plastic outlets, ceramic & natural stone tiles or countertops, glass & mirror Pg: 5

6. Industry Trends • Blue Dolphin already meets or exceeds the strictest EU regulations • Tape is manufactured with “greenest” manufacturing process in industry • Solvent Free formula • Increase demands for Eco and User Friendly products • Increased demand for clean paint lines • Blue Dolphin leads in this technology with thinner crap e paper and water resistant adhesive Pg: 5

1. Who is Blue Dolphin ? • Our team of specialists has been manufacturing tape for 15 years. We utilize state-of-the art technology and the most advanced, high quality materials available in today's market. • What is Blue Dolphin ? Blue Dolphin is a UV Resistant Painters Masking Tape specially developed for both DIY and Professional users. • Why Should I Use Blue Dolphin ? • UV Resistant • Sharp Paint Lines • Indoor/Outdoor Use • Multi Surface Use • Flexible Backing • How Can Blue Dolphin Benefit Me ? • Environmentally Friendly • Easy To Remove • High Efficiency • Competitive Pricing Pg: 2

4. Q & A - General Usage Questions Q: What types of surfaces is Blue Dolphin Masking Tape recommended for use on? A: Can be used previously painted walls & ceilings, baseboards, door & window frames, lacquered/varnished woodwork, metal knobs & hinges, plastic outlets, ceramic & natural stone tiles or countertops, glass & mirror, and many more . Q: How long can Blue Dolphin Masking Tape be left on t he surface? A: Up to 14 days if exposed to direct sunlight & UV and up to 30 days if not, for best results remove tape after 24 hours. Q: How long does the paint have to be dry before apply ing Blue Dolphin Masking Tape? A: We recommend only be applied to fully cured pain ted surfaces - that is paint that has been allowed to dry for over 14 days, preferably 30 days . Q : If there is a residue left from the tape, how do I remove it? A: Residue left from Blue Dolphin Masking Tape can easily be removed using soap and water, or window cleaner. Q: What is the best way to remove Blue Dolphin Masking Tape after painting? A: Slowly pull the tape off at a 90 degree angle wh ile the paint is wet or dry. However, if the paint is completely dry use a cutting device (like a razo r blade) to cut the tape loose, and ensuring a nice clean edge. Q : What is the best way to apply Blue Dolphin Maskin g Tape to a surface? A: Apply the tape in increments of 12" (preferably) as opposed to one long strip. If you apply tape in one long strip it stretches the tape, referred t o as flagging, preventing the tape from laying flat and sticking to the surface. This results in paint bleeding under the tape leaving an unclean edge. Pg: 4

5. COMPARISON CHART FEATURES ShurRELEASE™ Trim Painting Tape Shurtape ScotchBlue™ Multi-Surface Painter's Masking Tape Pro-Mask Blue™ Masking Tape IPG Blue Dolphin™ Painter's Masking Tape XL-Tape PHOTO Size 1-7/8" x 180' 1-7/8" x 180' 1-7/8" x 180' 1-7/8 " x 180' Model # # CP-27 # 2090 # PT-14 # MT-PGB Description • Painter's blue masking tape • For use on cured painted walls, trim, glass and metal • 14-day clean removal • Painter's blue masking tape • For use on cured painted walls, trim, glass and metal • 14-day clean removal • Painter's blue masking tape • For use on cured painted walls, trim, windows • 14-day clean removal • Painter's blue masking tape • For use on cured painted walls, trim, glass and metal • 14-day UV resistant • 30-day clean removal Color/ Finish Blue Blue Blue Special Blue Tape Adhesion (N/2.5 cm) 4.7 7.0 5.6 < 7 Tape Adhesion Medium Medium Medium Medium Thickness (Milimeters) 0.150 0.135 0.135 0.115 UV/ Sunlight Resinstant Yes Yes Yes Yes UV Resinstant (Days) N/A N/A 14 14 Clean Removal (Days) 14 14 14 30 Maximum Number of days Left Up (Days) N/A 14 N/A 30 Indoor/ Outdoor N/A Yes Indoor Yes Surface You Are Masking Trim Trim Trim Trim UL Listings No No No No REACH /SGS / Eurofin (California VOC new law) No No No YES Pg: 5


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